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Why might the breaker trip on the Smart Splitter?Updated 5 months ago

The most common reason that your Neocharge Smart Splitter has turned off (breaker tripped) during a charging cycle is that charging is set at a rate of more than 24 amps while on a 30A breaker. Charging at rates higher than 24 amps on a 30 amp circuit is against the recommendation of the NEC (National Electrical Code) and the 80% rule. Our Smart Splitter is equipped with a thermomagnetic breaker to prevent over-current, which prevents such misuse. When it trips, it is protecting your home. If you are unsure what your EV charger amperage is set to, please the car dealership, EV charger manufacturer, or our  Customer Support. If you know or can limit the charge rate to stay below 24 amps, then it will usually resolve the breaker tripping issue.

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