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How much does it cost to have an electrician install a dedicated 240V outlet in my home?Updated 8 months ago

Ultimately, the cost to install a home charging station varies based upon a number of determining factors:

  • Age of the home

  • Electric panel capacity

  • Type of installation; and

  • Distance of the panel to the car charger

For many, upgrading the entire service panel is required in order to install a dedicated 240v outlet for EV charging. For example, adding a new 50 Amp outlet on your 100 Amp panel would take up half the total capacity, and that is typically not an option for apartments of small homes.

However, by sharing an existing 240v outlet between two devices (like a dryer and an EV charger), it's easy to save thousands of dollars on installation costs.

Below is a table that breaks down various costs that go into installing home EV charging.

Home Charging Station (the "Charger")$300 - $700Cost varies on charger features such as WiFi connectivity or maximum amperage
Permit$100 - $500Cost is subjective to local jurisdiction
Materials (outlets, wiring, breaker, panels, etc)$300 - $2000Cost varies depending on charger location relative to the electrical panel. Also subject to the home's electrical capacity and if a panel upgrade is required
Labor$200 - $1800Depends on the local market and the time spent by electricians on installation
TOTAL$900 - $5000Costs may vary

Alternatively, your home may have a viable setup for a NeoCharge Smart Splitter. The Smart Splitter is end-user installable and does not require an electrician.

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