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Smart Splitter Safety FeaturesUpdated 3 months ago

Safety is our top priority at NeoCharge! 

We went through a year and a half of testing with Underwriters Laboratories to get our cUL safety certification. We pride ourselves in the quality and effectiveness of our Smart Splitters and we've had multiple charger and electric car OEM's test our product in-house and have been very happy with the results. Each splitter is tested for quality assurance and we currently have 10,000+ customers who have been happy with the fast charging they were able to receive. 

All Smart Splitters have built-in safety systems to prevent the total power draw from ever exceeding what your outlet can handle. 

The Smart Splitter conforms with NEC (National Electric Codes) regulations to ensure a 20% buffer for overcurrent. Under this regulation, the continuous load from a plugged in device cannot exceed 80% of the breaker rating.

This works through our automated power switching technology which uses an outlet priority system. To put it simply, the Primary outlet (left side) takes priority over the Secondary outlet (right side), and when the Primary side pulls power, any active session on the Secondary side will automatically pause until the Primary is finished. When used with your dryer, the dryer would be plugged into the Primary (priority) and your EV plugged into the Secondary.

Here is an example of what the auto-switching looks like: 

  1. First, you're charging your EV on the Secondary outlet. 
  2. Then when you start your dryer, the Smart Splitter automatically pauses the EV charging, only allowing power to the dryer as it runs.
  3. When the dryer cycle is finished, the EV automatically resumes charging. 

All of this is done automatically without you needing to do anything! The fully automatic system ensures that there is no need to worry about overloading your circuit or plugging and unplugging your devices.

The Smart Splitter is cUL-certified in both the US and Canada. Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is the most widely recognized standard for electrical products.

File number: *UL certificate E507438

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