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Smart Splitter

Everything you need to know about the Smart Splitter.

Smart Splitter Installation

Smart Splitter Installation instructions can be found in the User Manual here:

How does the Smart Splitter work?

Content:1.) Overview - How the Smart Splitter Works. 2.) Dual EV - Sequential vs Simultaneous Charging. 3.) Switching Limits - Appliance x EV. The Smart Splitter provides two 240V outlet outputs from a single 240V input. With the Smart Splitter’s aut

What Smart Splitter do I get?

NEMA 14-50, NEMA 14-30, NEMA 10-30, and NEMA 10-50 (NEMA 6-50 support coming soon). EV Compatibility All electric car makes including Tesla, Volkswagen, GM, Ford, Audi, Lucid, BMW, GMC, Chevy, Volvo, etc. Appliance Compatibility All plug-in 240v ap


24 amp models (NEMA 10-30, 14-30). Output Power- 24A/5.7kW. Input Voltage- 240 VAC nominal, single phase. Input Current- 30A Circuit Breaker. Input Outlet- NEMA 14-30P or NEMA 10-30P. Output- 2x NEMA 14-30R or 2x NEMA 10-30R. Dimensions- 5.25" x 5.25

Adapters - Master Guide

Adapters Master Guide. Content:. We hope this guide will help you in deciding what kind of NEMA adapter you might need for your EV charger and EV. We understand there are a lot of adapters out there and want to make this as easy as possible for you!.

Smart Splitter Safety Features

Safety is our top priority at NeoCharge!. We went through a year and a half of testing with Underwriters Laboratories to get our cUL safety certification. We pride ourselves in the quality and effectiveness of our Smart Splitters and we've had multip

Use Cases / What appliances does it work with?

While the Smart Splitter is most commonly used to share an appliance and an EV charger, the device is not limited to specific applications but is instead intended to be a broad-purpose 240V circuit splitter. Common Use Cases:. 1.) Appliance + EV. The

Mounting Brackets

Smart Splitter Mounting Brackets. All Smart Splitters come equipped with a mounting bracket to ensure the device remains secure in the outlet when there are heavy cables plugged into the sides that may pull on the Splitter. However, it is not a requi