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Mounting BracketsUpdated 20 days ago

Smart Splitter Mounting Brackets

  1. Bracket Installation / Orientation
  2. Bracket Sizes
  3. Wall Mounted Receptacles
  4. Canada Outlets

All Smart Splitters come equipped with a mounting bracket to ensure the device remains secure in the outlet when there are heavy cables plugged into the sides that may pull on the Splitter. However, it is not a requirement for use - we just recommend that you occasionally check the seating of the Smart Splitter to ensure it is not loose in the wall receptacle if you do not have a wallplate that is compatible

1.) Bracket Installation / Orientation:

240V outlets do not have a standard orientation as the outlet is determined by the direction the wire enters the electrical box, so the orientation of the outlet may be "upside down" or "sideways".

Orientation of the Smart Splitter does not matter, but it is recommended to use the mounting bracket whenever a compatible wallplate is available. Align the mounting bracket with the brass mounting points on the side of the Splitter to determine which screw holes to use on the wallplate,

2.) Bracket Sizes

Each Smart Splitter comes with a bracket that is designed to be compatible with the most common receptacle and wallplate configurations of the outlet.

NEMA 10-30, 10-50, and 6-50 outlets are older and only come in residential form with a smaller outlet diamter. The wallplates of these outlets may have a one or two gang faceplate.

The NEMA 14-30 and 14-50 outlets come in both residential and commercial variations, so the provided bracket has a larger 2.5" diamter to fit both styles. These are newer outlets that were introduced after 1997 and are used during the construction of all new homes.

NEMA 10-30
NEMA 10-50
NEMA 6-50
2" Diameter

NEMA 14-30
NEMA 14-50

2.5" Diamter


The most common commercial-grade outlets with the larger (2.5") diameter are made by the following brands:

  • Hubbell
  • Bryant Electric

3.) Wall Mounted Receptacles

Wall mounted receptacles do not have any natuaral mounting points for a bracket as they are not flush to the wall. In this case, plug in the Smart Splitter directly and occasionally check the seating of the Splitter to ensure it is not coming loose.

4.) Canada

The provided bracket is intended for use with common faceplates used here in the US. The 4-11/16” box that you have is unique to Canada, and we do not have a compatible bracket at this time. 

Our team is currently in the process of creating a new bracket design that will fit this configuration. We are working on the tooling for this part right now and should have it ready in the next few months. Please reach out to NeoCharge Support if you would like to be notified when this bracket is available.

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