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Home EV Charging - General Info

Want to learn about all things EV charging? Look no further.

Charging Speeds - What's the difference between the different "Levels" of charging?

Each level of charging is defined by the amount of voltage, which directly correlates to the speed or quickness of the charging session. Level 1 (120V) is the slowest, followed by Level 2 fast charging (240V). Level 1 Level 1 utilizes a 120V outlet,

Adapters - Master Guide

Adapters Master Guide. Content:. We hope this guide will help you in deciding what kind of NEMA adapter you might need for your EV charger and EV. We understand there are a lot of adapters out there and want to make this as easy as possible for you!.

How much does it cost to have an electrician install a dedicated 240V outlet in my home?

Ultimately, the cost to install a home charging station varies on a number of determining factors: Age of the home Electric panel capacity Type of installation; and Distance of the panel to the car charger For many, upgrading the entire s

Level 2 Charging Limitations for Audi, Ford, Lucid, Nissan, Jeep, VW, and Chevrolet on a 30A outlet

Some electric vehicles have inherent limitation with their provided charger that makes it challenging to charge at home if you plan to use a 30 amp outlet. If you own or are thinking of purchasing an EV from any of the following car makers, please re

Installation - When to contact an electrician

The Smart Splitter is an end-user installable device and does not require an electrician if you have access to an existing outlet. Most installations can be completed in 5-10 minutes. However, every home setup is unique, and we understand that the Sm

Charge Port Connectors - CCS vs NACS

As electric vehicles (EVs) continue to gain popularity, various charging standards and connector types have emerged. Not to be mistaken with NEMA wall outlets, these are the chargers that plug into the car side of the charger. Two common types of EV

Home Charging Safety

Content:. Commercial Grade 240V Outlets - The best safety upgrade for home charging. If you are looking for the best possible setup for home charging, it is strongly recommended that you install a commercial/industrial-grade 240V outlet. These outlet